We make it possible for citizens to pay their parking and traffic tickets, taxes and fees, using their credit or debit cards, via telephone (IVR) or Internet (IPAY). EZPay Corp is designed as an invisible service linked to your existing telephone system or website. Public Agencies benefit from EZPay Corps services because it allows them to take payments on consumer debt over the telephone or Internet. Its fast, convenient and easy, eliminates a lot of manual work, it improves the efficiency of your payment center, allowing your employees to do the more important work, not to mention the convenience to the consumer.


EZPay Corp can have your Agency up and running on our service as soon as you provide your Jurisdiction's file layout information. We know IVR and Web solutions inside and out; servers, network, telephony, database and mainframe. We understand the commercial, custom and homegrown applications that contain the data your system will access. The specifications and files for interfacing with our system must be created with your database for proper exchange of information for processes. Our implementation will take approximately 60 days.

A Straightforward Approach:

There's no question that IVR and Internet Solutions can be incredibly complex. They must link seamlessly with internal systems that reside on a variety of platforms, make an array of options available based on caller input, stop attempts at unauthorized access and efficiently manage thousands of calls a day.

Talking with us will give you intriguing insights into making the most of your Internet and or IVR decisions. Let us provide a solution for you, begin the process by calling us today.
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Toll Free: 1-800-333-1558

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